Data Digging: A guide to what makes customers tick

Stopping to ask this question about your customers performing a demographic deep dive and dispatching focused customer experience surveys could uncover a surprising portrait of the typical customer and what motivates him to call your company, spend his dollars and stay with you (or switch). Yes, the analytics provide data, total spend, etc. but taking a human experience approach to examining your customer base will reveal behaviors and motivators, a.k.a., The Why.

And when businesses understand The Why, they can make strategic marketing and operational decisions that impact the bottom line. Take Griffin Pest Solutions, Kalamazoo, Mich., which abandoned it's modern, loud Saw a Bug! marketing campaign after a rigorous customer analysis.

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It was without a doubt a great campaign, but we weren't running it for us, it was for our customers, says Pamela Blauvelt, director of operations. And, she says, We made a horrible mistake. Michigan is not New York or L.A. or Atlanta. The message that works in other markets didn't hit home in Kalamazoo.

Blauvelt and the team we're crushed really crushed, when they got the marketing data back and realized that their campaign was targeting the wrong audience. The company learned their customers we're not young families, but instead mostly grandparents with pets and Rustbelt Retirees.

Now, Griffins tagline is, No Ifs, Ants or Bugs, Guaranteed.

We are not hip anymore, we are much more low-key, Blauvelt says. The imagery is more grandkids on a lawn, more pet-friendly. This appeals to their Andy Griffith audience. We are getting more phone calls and seeing improvement with much more traffic, Blauvelt says. Our message before was probably off-putting to the people who are our primary customers.

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