Every now and again we come across someone who seems to have a special 'something' that we've never come across before, something that re-routes the world and leaves a change in the way we live day-to-day.

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There are undoubtedly hundreds of men and women who have helped shape, change, and re-invent the way our world goes about it's day-to-day, but there are three business pioneers that have completely revolutionized the world Completely changed it in a way that no other before him has done.

Here are three business pioneers who have forever changed the way we live thanks to their unique ideas, unrelenting ability to create change, and the perseverance to follow through:


Wait a minute Michael Jordan? The basketball player? Indeed!

Not only is Michael considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time (and probably the greatest according to most

The Legendary Michael Jordan

people), but he was the first NBA player to truly become a brand. Air Jordan was such a popular brand during Mike's career that

he now heads a billion dollar per year enterprise that would never have come about without his playing career.

The AIR JORDAN shoes are still popular to this day, recently re-releasing a new look that left fans in a screaming frenzy in malls across the nation. Children and teens who have never even seen him play a game are going nuts for his stuff solely based on the ongoing popularity and notion that Michael Jordan is a living legend.

Not only did his brand continue to make him millions upon millions after he played his last game in '98, but his endorsement deals have created an era where athletes now make more money endorsing products than they do playing their sport.

It is clear that MJ has forever changed the face of professional sports, both as a game and as a business.


Anthony or Tony Robbins has gone out and over the last three decades completely carved out a new niche, which is probably one of the hottest ones in the world coaching. If you as Tony about his earlier years as a life coach, he'll tell you that he didn't even

The Master Motivator

know how to explain what it was he did. He would try desperately to explain what it was he did, but struggled to come up with a

viable label for his profession.

Today, life coaching is a multi billion dollar per year industry and without Tony Robbins it may have never been created, caught on, or gained the enormous popularity it has today.

Quite possibly the greatest achievement of all is that he carved out this path in life without any formal training or any higher education.

Today, Tony coaches some of the most famous and successful people on earth, and they pay him 6-7 figures per year simply because his abilities to create fast and long-lasting results is unprecedented.

The world has forever changed, in a very enthusiastic and motivating fashion thanks to the life coaching niche that Tony has pioneered.


Zuckerberg is the co-creator of Facebook, which of course needs no introduction. He co-created "The Facebook" in 2004 from his college dorm room. The social networking scene, which Facebook was not the first company to dive into, has forever been

The Man Behind The Phenomenon

changed since it's birth in 2004.

Facebook has more than 800 million users worldwide, with over 175 million of these users logging on every single day (many multiple times per day). Facebook is even so popular that if you walk into your local Starbucks you're surely going to see a few people surfing the popular social network from their laptops.

The most amazing part of the success of Facebook is that it doesn't actually deliver any physical products or services, but it's massive scale allows it to pull in more than $1,000,000,000 in revenue from multiple streams, namely advertising, gaming, etc.

Many businesses are now using Facebook as a way to improve their own businesses, and some multi-million dollar gaming companies have been created by using Facebook as the platform for their games.

All in all, you can see why Facebook has forever changed the Internet, as well as the offline world.

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