Introduction to QR Codes

QR stands for 'Quick Response' and we're originally created by Denso Wave (Part of Toyota) to track parts during car manufacturing. They have since found their way into the world of mobile marketing.

QR codes are like standard barcodes you see on everyday items in shops, except that they are two dimensional, instead of one. This means that they can be scanned vertically or horizontally, and can contain much more data than a normal barcode. For example, a normal one dimensional barcode can store up to 30 numbers, but a 2D QR code can store up to 7,089 in comparison.

This extra capacity makes it possible for QR codes to store many different types of data including text, hyperlinks, coordinates, SMS messages, calendar entries, contact cards, phone numbers and emails. The QR code shown in this post contains the URL of this site.

QR codes have become popular recently because, unlike standard barcodes, they can be scanned with most smartphones (List of the most popular QR readers here). Individuals and companies can also create them easily, and for free, using one of many QR code generators such as or

Another reason why QR codes are popular within social media and marketing is that their high error level tolerance (can be up to 30%) allows them to be altered and customised.

Some companies which specialise in making creative QR codes include QR Arts and Paperlinks.

QR codes can be printed practically anywhere, from posters, leaflets, product packaging T shirts, beer mats, on buildings and even on tattoos, making them extremely versatile for marketing purposes.

This has been a very quick introduction to QR codes There is so much more to talk about in terms of how they can be tracked and used for marketing campaigns, which will be covered in another post soon.

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