More Business for Your Business? How to Spike Up Your Online Sales

You keep asking yourself over again, What am I doing wrong? Why is my business not as successful or progressive as brand X?

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The answer, dear entrepreneur, is right in front of you. You've been looking at things all wrong. Instead of constantly scrutinising your company from the ground up, you SHOULD be looking at your customers and finding out what they want.

We pulled some research and here's what we came up with:

Customers want to read blogs.

They want useful, life-based, and creative blog posts they can use as launching pads whether they want to buy your products or not. Your online store should, at the very least, have it's own blog sub-domain. Post articles here about your latest products, not just promo bits and specs, but real stories or events related to your merchandise.

You can even ask your customers to submit their own stories and photos. The more dynamic or interactive your online store is, the more people will want to visit it.

Customer service is STILL key.

It's apparent that most of us forget how personal interaction is still a key component in running a small business. Regardless of whether we have a brick and mortar store or we have an online store, customer service and satisfaction is the secret to loyal customers.With the help of Market Force's mystery shopper solutions, customer intelligence platform and field assessment reporting, you'll have advanced analytics to help you gain a comprehensive insight about your customers and your business.

Customers want an overall easy web experience.

It's as simple as this: online shoppers want convenience and ease when buying stuff. Don't make your website's navigation complex. Have a layout that is clean and organised. Think of a pleasing colour scheme. Have a comprehensive hierarchy for the categories of your products.

Don't ignore the power of a simple customer assessment and website redesign. These just might be the secrets to that elusive business success you've been dreaming of.

Take action now!

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