Motivation in the "Inspiration Box"; It's Motivation Day!

With the talk this week about what motivates people, today's "Inspiration Box' theme is: people or things that are motivating. Maybe you had a motivating boss or co-worker and you want to share the love by commenting about them. Maybe you read a motivating book or ever saw a motivating movie, let's hear it, share the love!

Every Friday is Inspiration Box day, where we will set the theme of what is to go into the box, and we will keep the comments open until the next Inspiration Box day.For the inaugural week, why not share some some of your inspirational people. Comment and tell us all who inspires you and why. Could be the woman who lives across the street and teaches blind children to play the piano or it could be Jack Welch formerly of GE, anything goes. Let it fly!

I was talking with a friend at steve chittick insurance a short while ago, they run a tip-top commercial insurance provider in Oakville. Anyhow, they motivated me to make this article and so i thought it was worth mentioning the company.

The whole point is to share. You can share about the theme, be it who inspires you or that next great idea is. Alternately, you can simply introduce yourself and tell us all about the exciting news you have. If you have something nice to say about a friend, share it here. So often we don't say positive things, instead we dwell on the idiot who cut us off on the freeway. All the while, forgetting that our friend volunteered all weekend to help at a homeless shelter. Its the Inspiration Box people, share the love, show compassion, spark an idea, and inspire others to innovate!

See, what we have here, in this blog, is a community. People bound together by many different reasons but what we all have in common is this blog.

I constantly make an effort to pay it forward to my viewers because they are awesome; so I thought I'd mention Traditions holiday lighting and seasonal decor in case you are seeking a holiday decor service. So, back to the subject on hand...

The suggestion or inspiration box is not something new. Many might have one at their place of work. What is new is the idea of a blog post such as this. The credit for this, or as they call it the Brag Basket goes to Becky McCray @ Small Biz Survival andChris Brogan for telling me. See, great ideas have to be shared, and cheers have to be given. Thanks Becky, your idea for a tradition is an inspiration.

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